How Can You Support Me?

  • Your Prayers: Pray for me and for the people with whom I will live and serve with this year.
  • Your Interest in My Year of Service: Follow my experience by reading my blog . Ask me to speak at your church when I return.  Write to me and let me know you’re thinking of me– this will mean a lot.  
  • Your Financial Gifts: Give a tax-deductible contribution as a one-time gift or in monthly installments over the course of my year of service. You may give online at  and please include my name in the ‘donation designation’ section. 


          How’s my fundraising going? As of September 2017, I have completed the minimum individual contribution of $4000.  However, it costs an average of $22-26,000 to be a YAV for a year and the program has halved the fundraising requirements in past years to make the program more accessible to all.  What that means is I am still fundraising! My next required goal is a group one– each of the YAVs at my site should contribute at least another $4000.  Thank you for your continued support! It is much appreciated and helps keep the program sustainable.