It’s Too Late: a prayer for the season of Lent

Dear God,           As we enter into this season of lent, we ask for guidance and spiritual direction.  In the midst of school shootings, we echo the words of a young man whose fellow classmates died when we say it’s not too soon to politicize the shootings; it’s too late.  It's… Continue reading It’s Too Late: a prayer for the season of Lent


Big Changes & Life Updates

Hey friends, it's hard to believe we're about halfway through our year of service.  Theres some big changes happening here in my little community.  I also have some fun life updates to share, complete with lots of pictures! First off,  one of my roommates is quitting the program and has to move out in the… Continue reading Big Changes & Life Updates

I messed up.

It's Martin Luther King day, and I done messed up. This is a blog post that's hard for me to share, because I'm embarrassed.  I'm ashamed. Today was an example of me being exactly the person I don't want to be.  Writing this and looking at my actions (and lack of)... well it just really… Continue reading I messed up.


Above All Else

Since around Thanksgiving, I've been working in one of the toddler rooms (18months-3years) at my Early Head Start every day.  Previously, I had said infants were my favorite... but now I can't decide.  I love these toddlers so much.  The infant room doesn't really have a schedule... the babies sleep whenever they want and eat… Continue reading Above All Else


5 Weeks and Counting// Food Stamp Madness

This is the post I started mid-September and didn't finish because information changed. We just got our food stamp card mid-November, so now I can write about all of it. (Richard, this one's for you! You said you wanted to hear about how food stamps went...) Today, Monday October 2nd, marks 5 weeks since I first… Continue reading 5 Weeks and Counting// Food Stamp Madness