Let’s Be Honest

This is a blog written by my friend Martha who is in Atlanta.  I wanted to share because I resonate with this so much and she says it so well;  she’s such s great writer!  Please read but know that this is not mine 🙂


Adventures in Atlanta

Brace yourselves, readers.

I’m about to be candid, I’m about to get a little gritty, it will definitely not be pleasant to read, and no, I do not know how to make sense of what I’m about to share, so, please, do not expect a conclusion that will leave you at ease or inspired or hopeful. Expect to slump into discomfort and bewilderment.

With that disclaimer in mind, proceed if you wish.

Please excuse me as I unravel my façade of doughty optimism and illimitable compassion. Please excuse me as my heart splatters open, like a peach from the highest branch dropping to hard ground. Please excuse all that mess. And I’m sorry if it sullies your good mood.

See, I’m a nice young woman, so I say “please” and “excuse me” and “I’m sorry” a lot. I say that last phrase all the time, often for imaginary infractions or…

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When I ‘Preached’

A few weeks ago, my pastor was out of town and she asked me to fill in for one of the weeks she was gone.  That week, the lectionary was Psalm 133 and the doubting Thomas passage.  I spoke on the blessing of community, and I'll share my 'sermon' with you down below.  I've spoken… Continue reading When I ‘Preached’