Fundraising Updates!

Hey there, everybody! This is my first ever blog post! Since I haven’t started my year of service yet, I thought I would just share an update about my fundraising.  It’s going really well; I’m about halfway towards my final goal.  This means I have already reached my first goal of raising $2000 by July 1st (I’m ahead of the game, whoo!) and I still need about $2000.  Any amount I raise past the required $4000 will help keep this incredible program sustainable for years to come.   To those who have supported me thus far, thanks again SO much.  I’ve been amazed with your generosity and overwhelmed with the love and support you are showing me and this mission.  I can’t tell you all how much I appreciate each and every one of you.

I still don’t know what my specific responsibilities will be during my year.  I should be going through another interview process this summer to determine that.  I’m waiting with bated breath to see what exactly I’ll be doing in a few months and who my new roommates will be! So far, no one else has been placed in Denver.  Much is still unknown, but I do know that me and my dad will be driving across the country starting August 17th!

Please see the “support” page to see how you can join me in this year of service.  ANY gift is helpful and meaningful.  Thanks in advance 🙂


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